Old film classics will be looking sparkling new thanks to our blend of expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology. As our company has over 100 years of experience we were directly involved in the making of some of the films and are really excited about their successful restorations.

Every film restoration needs a different approach – even the creation of new workflows is necessary for special projects. Due to the wide range of CinePostproductions services we have access to technology from completely different areas. As an example we could use our stereoscopic 3D expertise to recover crucial scenes.

ReferenzenAbsolute Giganten, White Magic, Ski to the Max, Glückskinder, Skivision 1973
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TeamJulian Horntasch, Georg Miros, Sophia Salazar-Vollé, Mario Steinbeißer, Viktor Gette, Aljoscha Hoffmann, Miguel Lopez, Jacob Dietz, Chippy Voichita, Klaus Weger, Sandra Spalk, Michael Sailer, Frank Rohlfing, Doris Kreisl, Robert Glöckner, Manuel Georg, Tina Falke, Thomas Ramin