„König von Deutschland“ gets nominated

König von Deutschland“ was choosen as one of five films in the feature films category. The jury containing of actor and author Franz Dinda, filmjournalist Knut Elstermann, director Sherry Hormann, producer Viola Jäger and actress and director Ina Weisse had to choose out of 195 total submissions.

Alongsinde „König von Deutschland„, which was directed by David Dietl, starring Olli Dittrich and Veronica Ferres and which was entirely post produced by CinePostproduction, „5 Jahre Leben„,“Finsterland„, „Lamento“ and „Schwarzer Panther“ are also nominated for best feature film.

This year the First Steps Award will be given for the 14th time and is endowed with a total sum of 82.000€.

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